About me

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I’m passionate about:
writing – I write fiction in the form of short stories and novels. I started out mostly as a romance writer, but slowly there has been a gentle curve towards supernatural and horror. Sometimes I try my hand on poetry, but not very successfully.

linguistics – As a writer, how could I not be? I studied it at university, and currently I work freelance as a translator and proof-reader. My biggest interest is gender-based and age-based sociolinguistics.

gaming – I’m a very big fan of the Borderlands, Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, they have the exact right balance and a bunch of very likable characters. My favourite game in the history of my gaming experiences is however The Witcher 3.

photography – I own several cameras, analog as well as digital. I also really like lomography, but it lost some of its appeal when everyone makes their photos look like that.

music – I consider myself a fan of Tori Amos, The Cribs and Kent because I (used to) collect their singles and albums. The musical artist I admire most without collecting everything she ever released though is Kate Nash. I could probably say that she’s my idol. I also like to listen to Nirvana, Hole, The Boxer Rebellion, Marina & the Diamonds, and lots of other artists/styles/genres.

travelling -The favourite city I’ve ever visited is without a doubt New York. It was a life-long dream of mine to go to America and when I finally did, it was everything I expected it to be and more. I used to live in Sweden, England and Nothern Ireland, and those are place I also love to go back to as often as I can.

watching -I love horror movies, I watch just about any I can get my hands on, but ghost stories are my favourites. Of course I also watch anything that has Ryan Gosling in it – and I’ve been doing it since Young Hercules! I also get addicted to some TV shows, ┬ámost notably Spartacus and Twin Peaks,

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