17. Reflections

Sunrays shining on your back, playing with the shadows of the leaves when the wind rustles in the trees above us. It shows beautiful, ever-changing shapes.

The sun reflects on your hair and makes it shine golden. The color changes every time the wind softly blows on it. There’s deep golden, light yellow and the contrasting dark brown when the gusts play with the soft hairs in your neck.

And when the sun shines in your eyes, they turn into endless clear ponds. There’s a fraction of your soul at the surface, but when you try and look closely it’s already disappeared. Only guessing what’s on your mind is left for me to do.

Your toned skin mirrors the sun as your muscles flex under its heat. It looks like there are a million different shades, varying from pale white to deep bronze, and if I look closely I can see the soft hairs on your body reflect the light like tiny glass needles.

Little, silvery beads of sweat form on your forehead. Some of them roll down, like tiny rivers they slowly roll down your cheekbones.

I love watching you as you are lying next to me. There’s so much to see. The sun somehow makes your best features look even more beautiful. People stop and stare.

And yet I know the most beautiful part of you is only meant for me, because every time you look at me I see a reflection of how much you love me.

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